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Advanced Biological Treatment (ABT) Systems

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At Acqualogic, it is our mission to be stewards of water, Earth's most precious resource, by providing simple,effective and affordable solutions for onsite wastewater reclamation and reuse.

abt headerAcqualogic Advanced Biological Treatment (ABT) systems have been in use since 1999, meet strict regulatory requirements and employ a proven treatment technology. Our customers range from resorts, camps and conference centers to multi-residential housing complexes and food & beverage processing plants.

Our ABT systems are designed for reclamation and reuse of blackwater and process water produced by domestic waste, industrial high-strength organic solids, and other waste streams. By integrating anaerobic, aerobic and plant-based treatment processes,our systems produce high quality water and allow for non-potable reuse opportunities.

Cost Advantages

  • Affordably priced
  • Easy and fast installation saves time and installation costs
  • Low energy demand reduces energy costs
  • Lightweight material means lower transportation costs
  • Simple operations and maintenance reduces long-term operational costs
  • Real-time monitoring and preventive maintenance avoids expensive repairs

Reuse Opportunities

  • Landscape and crop irrigation
  • Green roofs and green walls
  • Toilet flushing
  • Aquaculture
  • Plant nurseries and hydroponics
  • Makeup water for cooling systems
  • Water features and decorative fountains
  • Fire water protection
  • Dust control

Service and Support

  • Certified wastewater operators, engineers and technicians
  • Routine onsite maintenance, repairs and upgrades
  • Emergency response 24/7
  • Remote monitoring and operations
  • Water sampling and testing
  • Training and technical support for clients and contractors

Acqualogic Advanced Biological Treatment Systems For Black and High-Strength Wastewater

Decentralized and distributed reuse of wastewater provides a sustainable, cost-effective recycling solution. Acqualogic provides complete turnkey wastewater management technology that combines an energy efficient, modular design with innovative multi-stage treatment systems. Acqualogic systems can be tailored to meet the needs of individual sites. Built-in controls allow for both local and remote monitoring and operation of the system.

ABT System Design

Step 1: An advanced uniquely designed Recirculating Anaerobic Digester (RAD*) provides primary treatment.

Step 2: Effluent then enters an energy-efficient aerobic two or three-stage Biofilter trickling filter system using state-of-the-art non-clogging sprayers and bio-media to achieve advanced secondary and tertiary treatment reducing nitrogen 50% to 70%.

Step 3: Treated water moves to a Water Holding Tank and can be used for landscape irrigation, toilet flushing and other non-potable reuse opportunities.

Step 4: Optionally, the Acqualogic FLORAFilter™ can provide additional treatment such as further reducing total nitrogen (by 70% to 95%) and other pollutants. Utilization as an ecological system achieves other goals such as environmental education opportunities and wildlife habitat.

Compliance & Permitting

Acqualogic can assist you with project planning, design and permitting to secure approvals for projects.

  • Our systems are permitted throughout California.
  • We can perform compliance monitoring, water testing and reporting.
  • We can prepare technical reports, and operational and maintenance plans.


Green buildings
Hospitality and resorts
Camps and conference centers
Commercial properties - shopping centers
Housing and institutions - school campuses, RV parks, multi-residential complexes
Food and beverage - wineries, breweries, food & vegetable processing plants, creameries

Acqualogic, making the treatment and reuse of wastewater
more accessible and affordable than ever.