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  • Rising Water Costs? Aging Infrastructure?

    Rising Water Costs? Aging Infrastructure?

    If your business relies on water, learn how Acqualogic can help.

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  • Easy, Affordable Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    Easy, Affordable Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    For a wide range of industry sectors.

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  • Commercial Laundry Water Solutions

    Commercial Laundry Water Solutions

    Easy, affordable and complete solutions for laundry.

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We Help You Manage Water As a Precious Resource

Acqualogic provides proven, cost-effective water recycling solutions. For over 15 years we have helped businesses rein in water costs, achieve long-term sustainability goals, and comply with strict regulations. Our turnkey system integrates innovative technology with outstanding service to ensure the highest level of monitoring, maintenance and compliance reporting at a lower cost than comparable systems.

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Engineered for Adaptability

Acqualogic’s engineers have designed our modular systems to fit almost any situation. From difficult sites to wide-ranging flows and sources, Acqualogic’s water treatment solutions adapt to your needs.

Limited space

Building interiors

Steep slopes

Sensitive environments

Enhancing landscape design

Easy to ship & easy to move

Expand with your needs

Complementing architectural design

Easy, Affordable Water Treatment Solutions
for a Wide Range of Industry Sectors

Our innovative, robust and reliable water treatment systems are designed to meet a wide range of industry-specific challenges, helping you meet your business and sustainability goals while saving money.

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Latest from Acqualogic

Acqualogic CEO Peter Hasse Speaks at Sustainable Silicon Valley’s Spring Water Symposium

June 20, 2016
By Lore James

The 2016 Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) Spring Water Symposium focused on the topics of Resilience and Reuse. The event brought together prominent water technology experts with key government, water agency, and corporate leaders, among them was Acqualogic CEO Peter Haase. Peter was a member of the panel that spoke specifically on the Emerging Regulatory Environment for Onsite Reuse. In addition to the speaker panels, the Symposium showcased a range of design and technology systems for treating, monitoring, and reusing water for non-potable purposes in commercial and multifamily buildings.

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CWEA Member Peter Haase Discusses Growing Trend of Onsite Wastewater Reuse in California

April 18, 2016
By Lore James

CWEA partnered with Sustainable Silicon Valley for a panel discussion about Onsite Reuse during Annual Conference in Santa Clara. We recently talked with Peter Haase, a long-time CWEA member and one of the panel members, about his experiences with onsite reuse.

CWEA: Have you had success with onsite wastewater reuse?
Haase: Yes, we have over 25 years of experience with onsite reuse. Our systems use anaerobic & aerobic treatment including anaerobic baffled reactors, trickling filters and constructed wetlands.

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